Hold Yourself Accountable with a Box of Crayons!

I was chatting with some writers recently about our biggest struggles. A few issues came up over and over including ‘lack of accountability’. It’s hardly surprising that this is a biggie for many of us. We often don’t have bosses, so it’s entirely up to us to find the self-discipline, drive and determination to sit down and write day after day.

Here’s a quick tip

One of my clients had a really fun, but ingenious idea to bring some more accountability into her life – she used a box of coloured crayons!

Let me explain how it works. Her big struggle was with marketing herself. She needed to be regularly introducing herself to producers – sending emails, connecting on Linkedin, Twitter or at events, but she kept on putting it off. It was her bête noire!

We agreed on a target – 10 new connections per week – and to help her achieve this, she came up with this fun and awesome visual cue:

A box of crayons!

She put two boxes on her desk, one empty, and the other filled with 10 crayons. Each time she reached out to a contact, she moved one crayon from the full box to the empty box – until she’d moved all the crayons across. And it turned out to be a brilliant yet simple way to track her progress every week.

Why not give it a try?

If you’re struggling with the marketing side of your work – or if you can’t get yourself to sit down and write because of a lack of accountability, try using a box of crayons.

Set yourself a target of 10 pages per week or 6 writing sessions per week – whatever goal fits your situation. See if the box of crayons helps!

If you prefer gold stars, make yourself a reward chart and buy some fun stickers! Anything to help you get the work done – the quirkier the better!

I hope you find this helpful. I’d love to know if you have any ingenious ways to hold yourself accountable!

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Thanks so much for reading! If you’re new to my blog, I’m Katy Segrove – animation writer, children’s author, writing coach and mum to cheeky 2-year old Otto.

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Happy writing!

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