Feedback & Consultancy

Image by Oli Lynch

Need feedback or consultancy on a screenplay, animation idea (script or bible), novel, or children’s picture book?


  • Feature film script – £220
  • 1 hour pilot script – £120
  • 20,000 word sample of a novel – £190
  • Children’s picture book – £60

Prices can vary depending on: –

  • Length
  • The sort of feedback you require
  • And the stage of the project

If you’re looking for feedback on something not listed here, please get in touch and I’ll come back to you with a quote.

Katy’s feedback on my first draft; it was insightful, detailed, and helped me crack on with the all-important redrafting process.

Olly Rowe, Screenwriter


How to get Feedback for Free!

  1. I wrote this article all about getting feedback.
  2. Join a writers’ critique group – you can find lots of useful groups on the Meetup site and on Facebook.
  3. Create your own writers’ workshop critique group – I explain in detail about how to go about that in this article.