About Me

Katy Segrove, Writing Coach, Pick Up Your Pen

Writer & Writing Coach

Hi! I’m Katy Segrove, a screenwriter, children’s author and writing coach, who’s been coming up with stories for a very long time.

Once Upon a Time…

… a young girl called Katy would spend hours in her bedroom daydreaming, filling notebooks, reading books, getting lost in worlds, and fantasising about the day when she would grow up to be a writer – a bestselling author, as her Gran believed.

Stories would flow out of her; she didn’t need an excuse to get out her notepad; nothing was more fun than writing.

Until one day she grew up, and suddenly writing felt like torture… 

Katy was sure she wanted to be a screenwriter, but actually sitting down to write was another matter. She’d frequently put aside the time, then waste it all away by faffing about, dilly-dallying, coming up with excuses – anything and everything except actually writing.

Eventually, wracked with guilt, she’d finally push herself in front of her desk, then wriggle and writhe as if in physical pain. When she couldn’t bear the blank page any longer, she’d conveniently look at the clock and see, to her great delight, that it was almost dinner time. Really no point in starting just before dinner. Better to start afresh tomorrow. Tomorrow would be different. She’d have lots of ideas then.

But of course tomorrow was just the same, just as many excuses, and just as much torture.

Why? Why? Why was it so hard to write? This was her dream, it was supposed to be a pleasure. What was she doing wrong???

The Power of Habit

Twenty years on, I’m now a screenwriter and children’s author and I co-run a screenwriters workshop group in London. I work mostly on screenplays, picture books, animation and the occasional feature film. And writing is a pleasure. It’s a treat. It’s a thrill. It’s as vital as breathing. Some (sensible) people find exercise invigorating, but for me it’s writing.

And a really big part of it is down to good habits.

Habits and routine. Little and often. Deadlines and accountability. This is what helps make my writing feel necessary and joyful.

And on days when I only have a few minutes to spare, I know that a few minutes is better than none.

Finding meaning

I believe that having a creative outlet gives meaning to our lives and is essential to our health and happiness. We shouldn’t be without it! But sometimes, even when we want, or need to do something, even when we know it will make us feel good, we find excuses not to do it.

Let me help you

I became a Writing Coach because I’m desperate to share what I’ve learnt about writing and good writing habits, I’d like to hold you accountable, help you overcome your blocks and fulfil your writing dream too. Let’s have a chat, if you’d like to know more.