Fun Round-up of Helpful Writing Resources

This is a fun round-up of helpful writing resources and tips that were shared at a recent London Writers’ Meetup.


If you’re writing a novel, Save the Cat writes the Novel by Jessica Brody was recommended by a couple of novelists, who both said they found it invaluable for developing and structuring their novels.
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert was recommended for anyone who wants to explore the creative process.  I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk, so I’m sure I’d enjoy this too.

Productivity Tips

If you’re in the middle of a draft, feeling bored or losing momentum and want to get back into your rhythm, Angela, a novelist, recommended arranging a writing sprint on zoom with a writing friend. She does this twice a week. The pair of them just log on and sit there in silence writing for an hour. She finds it great for staying focused.

I love this idea and fancy giving it a try. My mind has been wandering a lot lately!
Louise, a short story writer, said that she finds using a timer helps her to concentrate. I love this too, and have written about the Pomodoro Technique in a previous article.  Have a read if you want to find out how to use this technique.


When Frank, a poet and short story writer, needs a dose of motivation, he takes part in spoken word events. He recommends taking the plunge and volunteering to read out your work. Nothing beats that feeling when people come up to you afterwards and praise your words. He says it feels like you’re a rock star!
I remember having that same feeling too when I pitched my animation series at a number of events around Europe a few years back. It was such a buzz!
Euan, a Film and TV critic and aspiring novelist, is loving the podcast: Writer’s Routine. Each week, the host interviews different writers about their routine. Euan finds it puts him in the perfect mindset to write.

Have to admit, I’m slightly gutted that I didn’t come up with this idea as I love hearing about writers’ routines!


Lastly, Masonde shared the very simple suggestion: Spend time in nature. Her creativity has taken a real boost lately thanks to this!
I hope you found this round-up of writing resources helpful.  If you have a great tip or resource, send it my way!
And if you fancy coming along to my next London Writers’ Meetup, it happens the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm (on Zoom). Do sign up. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other writers, share writing resources, ask a question, be held accountable or just chat about your work. (It’s free!)
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Thanks so much for reading! If you’re new to my blog, I’m Katy Segrove – animation writer, children’s author, writing coach and mum to cheeky 2-year old Otto.
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